I've had the great pleasure of shooting with the Mustian family several times. Each time has been a wonderful mix of sweet moments and fits of fun and laughter. I'd want it no other way. With wardrobe choices that were more formal and lightly colored, the botanical gardens seemed like the best location for classic southern portraits.

When I see this collection of images grouped together so closely, I can't help think that they should be framed altogether on a gallery wall. Wouldn't that be the most joyful, happy wall in their home? If you've followed me for awhile or know my personal aesthetic, then you know I love a gallery wall. Helping pick out art and the best printing choices for my clients is a muscle I'd love to continue to stretch. Yes I do believe in having a digital copy and back up of your archived portraits, but there's nothing that'll take the place of classic prints and albums. Scroll with me and you'll see what I mean for this collection!