One piece of advice you'll often hear me give newborn clients is that your home does not need to be "photo ready". What do I mean by that? It means you don't need a perfectly designed nursery or a perfectly manicured lawn; what we need is light and your trust in me to produce the best newborn portraits in your home.

This lovely family recently moved into their new home and were still working on putting the finishing touches on the house. Some may perceive this as a problem, but it provided us with lots of room and options inside and outside the house. Here's where we ended up shooting: primary bedroom, guest bedroom, nursery, front sitting room, front steps, and the next door neighbor's yard! We made our way around most of the house in just under 2 hours.

Baby Maddie's portraits have ended up on my "favorites" list of 2023 and I'm sure you'll see why below. She's a beautiful baby and I'm honored to have been there to shoot her first portraits in her new home. Have a look at her portraits and don't be afraid to embrace your home's strengths for your next in home shoot.