I’m excited to share some highlights from Laney’s newborn session from this spring. It’s not been too long since I’d wrapped up her big brother, Parker’s, first year collection, when sweet Laney decided it was time to make her grand debut. While Parker had a signifcant stay in the NICU, thankfully his little sister was able to come home quickly after her birth and we were able to shoot these a couple of weeks later. As the years go on, I tend to be less of a stickler for how old a newborn should be for portraits. Sure, it’s a bit easier to handle them when they’re less than 2 weeks old, but then we wouldn’t have gotten these amazing smiles from Laney at that age! She really surprised me throughout our shoot; not only did she smile several times but she was tracking my every move around the room. She didn’t want to miss the action, especially from her brother, Parker.

Nothing is more joyous for me than to continue shooting with families that are growing and I’m right alongside them, shooting these fleeting days. The baby and toddler phase goes by so incredibly fast, I want you to be able to cherish and remember as much of it as you possibly can. I’ll be shooting all of Laney’s first year, and with 3 more shoots planned, you’ll surely get to see more of her lovely family and that big smile!