Sonny’s newborn portraits were a big hightlight of this past year. While I had not shot with his family before, we instantly clicked during our shoot. I love when that happens! It was evident that this shoot was going to be a favorite of mine, and it quickly evolved into favorite of the year. Usually if I say “I love this” 100+ times, then you know we’re really cooking.

The best moment came when we were setting up in the staircase. This set of shots were a wonderful combination of cozy at home and unique to the family. It’s hard to forget walking up and down those stairs with a baby in your arms and 2 small boys at your feet. The chaos can be beautiful.

Sonny was a little on the “older” side to classify him as a newborn, but he relished in the attention of his big brothers and promptly fell asleep after a nursing break and a tight swaddle. If you have a baby at home that’s several weeks old, don’t let that deter you from still pursuing newborn portraits. This is a once in a lifetime moment for your family; these fleeting moments will be gone before you know it.