When clients have questions about wardrobe, I try and steer them in the direction that is most true to their family and what will work best in front of the camera. For example: if we're shooting in your home, shoes aren't really going to factor in. Or if we're shooting newborn portraits, new mother's usually feel the most comfortable and confident and something flowy and looser fitting. Wardrobe decisions can feel daunting and down right frustrating when there are too many options.

Consider this family's color scheme and tones; they fit perfectly with the location and each individual has a distinct style represented. Nothing is cookie cutter or matchy-matchy, but everything is coordinated to work as a whole. When putting together wardrobe options for your session, try laying everything out, snapping a photo of them as a group, and seeing if they coordinate. If something doesn't quite fit, swap it with another option.

Another important detail to consider; will this look good on my walls year round? When these are printed and framed, what will look best with my home's style? Make sure everything is pleasing to your eye long term, that way you'll be happy each time you walk past those hung frames.

And when in doubt, send me your wardrobe choices and I'll guide you during final decisions! Now let's take in this beautiful family and their stellar style from fall 2023.