Seeing as how I shot sweet Ellington’s 1 year portraits yesterday, I thought it might be time to share her 9 month portraits! Is it too early to call Ellington my muse? The camera absolutely loves her and these 9 month portraits were no exception. I could go on and on and shoot on and on.

We headed to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for some lovely early summer portraits with her mama. The colors are so happy, the milestones that surround 9 months are evident, and Ellington’s personality is front and center. What more can I say, I loved this session so much and I’m happy to share some favorite with you fine readers. Since her 1 year portraits were yesterday, I can tell you that she absolutely brought her A game! It was literally 96 degrees outside and she didn’t bat an eye…but that’s a for a different blog post.

Enjoy this precious girl’s portraits and make sure you don’t miss those baby blues in combination with her delicate pink dress.