Last fall, Merritt's mama sent me one of my all time favorite types of messages to receive. "We're having another baby!". I get so excited for my clients and it's such an honor to be one of the first people that's in on their wonderful little secret. Four years prior, I was with the Yarbrough family as they welcomed their first born girl, Ellington, for a quite memorable birth story. Since I'm taking a birth story sabbatical, we decided to make plans for a fresh 48 the day after Merritt's birth.

Walking through the hospital halls is always so exciting, and I must admit I power walk the whole way! She was the sweetest baby girl and seemed to enjoy her alone time in the bassinet while her family buzzed around getting ready. Some personal touches that stick out and you'll notice: watercolor name sign, big sister dress and the floral wreath. My favorite choice was mama's robe choice. It was a nice pink shade without overbearing the look; I find this to usually be the best options for moms.

Welcome this sweet girl to the world! Y'all know how much I love a fresh 48 and I'm excited to share these favorites with you all below.